Who we are...

  We are a granite countertop fabricating company that has been in business since 2005, we specialize in turning your dream kitchen, vanity, shower, bar, fireplace, windowsill and much, much more, into reality.  We offer expert design; however, we are open to any ideas from our customers. Therefore, we would gladly work with any kind of interior style: Retro, Classic, Modern, Victorian and even Contemporary. We also provide complimentary in home consultations making it much easier for our customers to relax from a long day of work, or simply for those who do not want to venture out. We provide the selection and experience needed to deliver the highest quality products and services in our industry. 

   Granite has a greater prestige value due to its natural uniqueness, therefore, the greater value in the minds of most homeowners and buyers in considering of choosing the granite countertop. Unlike the competitors, we personally import the granite from overseas suppliers which goes through extensive testing before it is shipped to us. We do not use third party wholesale granite sellers to ensure that our customers receive quality granite and better price for their homes. 

  If you are interested in adding that special touch of elegance to any room in your home, please feel free to browse through our website and find the perfect surface that suites you best!


Here is some information about natural stone products that we are working with.


Marble is the result of metamorphosis of limestone due to immense heat and pressure.
    It is harder and less porous than limestone.
    It takes on a good shine.
    It ranges in color from pure white to pitch black to exotic colors like brilliant green, bright red and creamy yellow.


Granite is formed by the gradual cooling and solidification of magma inside the earth's crust under high pressure.
    Minerals crystallize slowly to give granite its characteristic crystalline structure.
    It comes in many varieties of colors and patterns.
    It is available to fabricators in large slabs averaging 5'x6'. The slabs are polished to a high gloss on one side.
    As stone is a natural product, no two pieces are exactly the same, even if they are mined from the same quarry. Each slab is unique, no top can be replicated exactly.